Timor Leste

Augusto Reis

Hello! My name is Augusto Sarmento

I am sport editor in Timor Post daily news paper, but before I was also
a reporter in Politics beat in parliament. Also write about security and
economic issue. Even now, permanently editor, but still write or covering
story in sensitive areas such as economy and Security.

Contact me: rededesportu[at]gmail.com


Jose Amelio

My complete name is Jose Amelio, my call name is “Josmel” I have been work as a Journalist for three half years in Timor-Leste Media Development Center (TLMDC) as a reporter and media monitoring assistant.

That’s all my short info to you i think it would be help you to know who is me. Contact me:  jose[at]tlmdc.org

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  1. Hello,
    I am conducting a research on Timor-Leste chances to get involved in ASEAN. I was wondering if you have any news about ASEAN countries support for TL membership in ASEAN. Is there any Official Statement you are aware of?
    Thank you for your help.


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