Le Thu Huong
27 years old, reporter, Vietnam News
I have been working for the Vietnam News since August 2011, before that I was with Thanh Nien News for three years in Ho Chi Minh City.
I returned to Vietnam in 2007 after studying in the US for four years as an undergraduate, where I interned for several US metro, daily newspapers.
Someday, I wish Vietnam would embrace press freedom, and understand that citizens have and need the right to express themselves.
I believe news don’t always have to be bad. As journalists, we have the obligation to spread compassion, not skepticism. Stories about normal folks can also have a positive effect on a neighborhood, and make people realize that there are hopes – amid fires or disasters.
I love talking to people, listening to their lives and knowing how they overcome obstacles. I love deadline pressure, coming to work not knowing what will happen that day.
Because of the Internet, newspapers are struggling to keep circulation. But I believe no technology can replace the craft of reporting and writing. Readers will listen as long as we know how to tell stories.
Contact me: huong.le[at]
Sam Hoa
I’m a truly Vietnamese girl! 😀 I come from VietNam. I have worked for VietNamNet Online Newspaper base in Hanoi, Vietnam for 3 years.
Contact me: hoa.sam[at]
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